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Welcome to the website of Annie Eagleton, sometimes known as Annie Malia..  It began as a way to post my travel writing, but has morphed into a showcase for my recent art. Please meander at your leisure.

Some tales and photos from my Oriental Odyssey of 2005 – 7. Many of the posts are my published articles in Vietnam about Vietnam, where I spent three years or so. Much of my writing explores Vietnamese culture and in particular its relation to animals. The wildlife trade is a massive problem, to which I have devoted a lot of energy.

I was then in beautiful Kenya for three years, also focusing on wildlife issues, conservation and the environment, as well as the East African Slave Trade of the last century and more recently Kenya’s vibrant art scene, as I coordinated Kenya Arts Diary 2015 (check out our Facebook page). Here’s the cover:

KAD 2015 cover

Now a new chapter begins in Ecuador, South America….

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My latest art – Gallery of Ecuadorean wildlife. Mi galería de imagenes de fauna silvestre ecuatoriano

My latest art – Gallery of Ecuadorean wildlife. Mi  galería de imagenes de fauna silvestre ecuatoriano

Ecuador has over 350 documented species of mammals. over 450 recorded amphibians, over 400 species of reptiles and over 1500 bird species. Not bad for such a little country, but sadly many of these are endangered due to habitat loss and poaching, despite the fact that Pachamama, Mother Earth has rights in Ecuador’s constitution.

Here are just a small selection. Painting them gives me a way of really seeing them and my intention is to convey their beauty and uniqueness to my audience.Till now, I haven’t seen any of these animals in the wild. You will notice that I’ve interpreted them from internet images. These plaques are composed with acrylics on 1cm plywood circles 25cm or 30cm in diameter.

Hasta ahora no he visto esos animales en vivo. Como pueden notar, yo los interpretía de imagenes del internet.


Jaguar 1-Tigre 1 (sold-vendido)

Jaguar 2 with blue eys (comissioned – Tigre con ojos azules (comisionado)

Jaguar 3 resized

Jaguar 3-Tigre 3 (comissioned-comisionado)

All 3 jaguar images were interpreted from one photo.




White-bellied Spider Monkey-Mono Araña Común

White Bellied Spider Monkey




Glass Frog-Rana de Vidrio

Glass Frog

Spectacled Bear1-Oso de Anteojos 1

Spectacled Bear1-Oso de Anteojos 1


Spectacled Bear Cub-Osito de Anteojos


Squirrel Monkey-Barizo

Squirrel Monkey


Great Green Macaw-Guacamayo Ambiguo

Anthony's Poison Arrow Frog-Rana Tricolor Ecuatoriana

Anthony’s Poison Arrow Frog- Rana Tricolor Ecuatoriana

Ocelote resized


The tail of the ocelot is longer than its back legs! La cola del tigrillo es mas larga que las patas traseras!

Anaconda resized



Art Fair, Vilcabamba, July 2015-Feria del Arte, julio 2015


Me with my animals at Art Fair, Vilcabamba, July 2015-Con mis animales a la Feria del Arte, julio 2015

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My first murals in Ecuador. Mis primeros murales en el Ecuador.

Both of these murals are painted on a ferro-cement water tank at Vida Verde Farm,Vilcabamba. Vilcabamba (meaning ‘sacred valley’) was named for the huilco tree, once abundant here. The word ‘huilco’ means ‘sacred’ in the Quichua language. Los ambos murales estan pintado en un tanque de agua de ferro-cemento a la Finca Vida Verde, Vilcabamba.  Vilcabamba (que significa ‘valle sagrado’) esta apellido por el árbol huilco, que era antes abundante por aquí. La palabra ‘huilco’ significa ‘sagrado’ en la lengua Quichua.


Huilco Tree

The Spectacled Bear is the only South American bear and an endangered species. It is endemic to Podocarpus National Park, Vilcabamba. Would be great to see this beautiful animal in the wild! El Oso de Anteojos es el unico oso de sudamerica y un especies en peligro de extinción. Es endémico en el Parque Nacional Podocarpus, Vilcabamba. Seria fantástico a ver este bello animal en la selva!

Spectacled Bear & Cub – Oso de Anteojos y osito

There are 134 hummingbird species in Ecuador. Below is one, the Straight-billed Hermit that I painted on a friend’s wall in Taxiche.

Hay 134 especies de colibrí en el Ecuador. Abajo está uno, el ermitaño piquirrecta, que yo pinté en la pared de una amiga en Taxiche.Straight-billed hermit.

I am available for commissions for both interior and exterior murals. Tel 0991366175

Estoy disponible para comissiones para murales interiores y exteriores. Cel 0991366175

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My Cat Mural at Kitengela Glass, Nairobi – it’s on a door, so does that make it a portal?



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The Salty Dog of Flotsam and Jetsam

My article, “The Salty Dog of Flotsam and Jetsam” about Kenyan marine debris artist, Andrew McNaughton was published In the December 2012 issue of Ndege, an East African in-flight magazine. Photos by myself, Andrew McNaughton, Jane Spilsbury and Leslie Kadane. Please click on the link below. 

The Salty Dog of Flotsam & Jetsam


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Cats in Trees – – and not the ones you might expect

Posted in Tracker, magazine of the Kenya Museum Society, September 2012

Cats in Trees


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My Vulchie sign for Nani’s 71st birthday

Vulchie sign (Medium)

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The survival of the African Heritage House hangs by a thread


What a tragedy it would be to lose this marvelous house and its vast African Art collection to ‘development’. Please sign the petition.

Originally posted on ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome:


(Posted 03rd July 2014)

A few days ago did one of my friends from Kenya, Emma Too – recently applauded here for her single handed effort to beautify sections of the Mombasa CBD – alert me to the going on’s about one of Kenya’s greatest architectural treasures, the African Heritage House.

I had in fact written some time ago about this marvel and was swift to contact another one of Kenya’s icons, art and fashion tsar Alan Donovan, who built the house and turned it into a one of a kind permanent exhibition space and museum. Alan has since come back to me and has given a blow by blow account of what threats the African Heritage House is faced with, his story reproduced further below.

It is worth noting that support from a wide cross section of Kenyan society was swift and…

View original 2,382 more words

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The Cheetah

The Mara-Meru Cheetah Project

DSC_0369Photo by Aja Crystall, Maasai Mara 2010

Did you know that cheetahs once ranged over the Indian subcontinent and much of Asia? In fact, their English name, “cheetah” is from Sanskrit citrakaya meaning “spotted”. Intriguingly, their zoological name is a combination of Greek and Latin – Acinonyx (sharp claw) jubatus (maned). The latter word comes from the ‘mantle’ on cheetah cubs. These were a sampling of the facts delivered by Dr Elena Chelysheva, Principal Investigator on the Mara-Meru Cheetah Project and her Research Assistant, Salim Mandela at June’s Friends of Nairobi National Park talk.. With an obvious passion for their work, they gave a very fast-paced power-point presentation, burgeoning with fascinating information. Read the rest of this entry »

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